About: Devina Matthews

  • Role : Logistics Support Specialist

Devina is a Licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent. In this role, Devina provides presentations and detailed illustrations to show how clients can protect their family, future, and their investments. Devina prides herself on serving her clients and providing benefits that best fit their needs.

Devina loves to build trust and life-long relationships. Besides being an Independent Insurance agent, Devina gives some of her time to teaching English as a second language online.

Devina has worked in supporting roles such as a Training Coach with Wells Fargo Virtual Channels and a Coordination Center Officer with Transportation Security Administration (TSA). As a Training Coach, Devina used her expertise to facilitate new hire classes. With TSA, Devina assisted and prepared reports and briefings on current security incidents, airport operations, statistical data and incidents pertaining to any affected modes of transportation.

Devina believes that spending quality time with family and friends are important to keeping healthy relationships. She is a wife and a mother of two. Having work life balance allows her to participate in family activities.