About: London Palmer

  • Role : Logistics Support Specialist

London Palmer is a Veteran of the United States Air Force. As a non-commissioned officer, she led squadrons in Germany, Abu-dhabi, Qatar and all over the United States. As a logistics manager, part of her command daily was to manage teams responsible for supply chain and inventory distribution for the entire USAF branch.

After 9 years of service, London entered the fashion industry. During her stint in modeling she began to develop a love for the hair and make-up side of the industry which led her to cosmetology school. The skills she acquired combined with her entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to start her own business. Now, a licensed cosmetologist, her website has a network that supplies beauty supplies and accessories to clients all over the world.

As a member of the Guardian Quest team, London’s ability to organize and compartmentalize with logistics support, helps to ensure each class delivered by Guardian Quest, is equipped with the specific needs for every session. Her many years in leadership has allowed her to understand the role of a team player, and the importance of being solution oriented.