About: Ramon Barboza

  • Role : Senior Consultant

Ramon Barboza has an extensive background in law enforcement, having served as a dedicated public servant with the Reno Police Department for 25 years. During his time on the force, Ramon honed and utilized his skills in various leadership roles including street patrol, Internal and Community Affairs, the DARE program, and more. In addition, Barboza has a history of successfully training hundreds of police officers internally as well as across the nation and is considered a highly regarded expert in the areas of Community Policing and Problem Solving, Leadership and Diversity.

Ramon’s extensive training background extends well beyond the boundaries of Law Enforcement. In addition to having trained at various levels within police agencies across the nation, he has considerable experience working with community organizations, educational institutions as well as both public and privately held businesses across the country. Ramon has also developed curriculum ranging from technical assistance to theoretical/conceptual models of organizational development.

Along with his vast experience with Guardian Quest, Ramon has provided training and instruction for some of the country’s foremost authorities on Diversity-Centered Leadership including Satori and FrannklinCovey. Regardless of the client, Ramon is noted as being informed and knowledgeable with the ability to provide passionate training and keynote presentations to participants of all ages.

Ramon delights in captivating audiences and moving them towards reaching their highest human potential. “It matters not our challenges,” he believes. “What matters is our deepest level of commitment and desire to make ourselves, someone else or some things better.” Ramon asserts, “The bottom is that WE MATTER! And the greatest part is that WE get to choose what that looks like.” The phrase, “The Power of One Can Create Many” daily influences the personal and professional life of Ramon. As a child who grew up with many disadvantages, Ramon recognizes that his success can be attributed to just a few individuals that gave much of themselves so that, one day, he could give back. He believes that today – and always – is that day!