About: Vaughn Pyne

  • Role : Consultant

Vaughn has been in sales, and the learning and development industry for the past 19 years. He is a dynamic, energetic speaker and trainer and he brings an exciting combination of humor and passion to his speaking engagements. He has over 10 years of experience in performing improvisational comedy in Las Vegas and Los Angeles and uses this unique skill set to engage the corporate audience in a way rarely seen.

Vaughn has helped develop a culture and personal development program for Verizon Wireless South Central Market. Originally starting within the B2B Sales team of 200 people has quickly gained momentum and is now spread to all channels including retail, marketing, operations and learning and development totaling over 5500 employees. Vaughn has conducted workshops and keynotes across the United States and Canada.

Vaughn has most recently given several keynotes at Verizon’s Annual Leadership Summit for B2B, Indirect Sales and Retail. Vaughn is also working with the Phoenix Suns sales team as well as the Garden Collective, a top advertising firm in Toronto, Canada.